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Legyen az akár fájós hát, fáradt lábak vagy egyszerűen csak egy kis kényeztetésre vágysz nálunk megtalálod azt a Thai masszást ami után újult erővel vághatsz neki egy mosolygós napnak.

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Kesorn Masszázs szalon 1.
VII. kerület

Budapesten, a Wesselényi utca 33-as szám alatt található.

Kesorn Masszázs szalon 2.
VI. kerület

Budapesten, a Székely Mihály út 4-6. szám alatt található.

Kesorn Masszázs szalon 3.
VI. kerület

Budapesten, a Lázár utca 12. szám alatt található.


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Legyen az tradicionális masszázs vagy teljes test masszázs aroma olajjal, Képzett masszőzeink gondoskodnak arról hogy te is elégedetten távozz és boldogan oszd meg másokkal is tapasztalatod.


  • There are allot of 5 or 1 star reviews but I do believe this is either someone having a good experience or bad and not a actual rating. I gave this 4 stars my reasoning below. My experience was a positive one. The place was clean and maintained a Thai authenticity. The staff were very polite and adjusted to requests in terms of pressure. I had a one hour full body oil massage. The massage was a decent massage. Not the best thai massage I've had but certainly no where close to the 1 star reviews on here. and I've experienced allot of Thai massages. The noise inside the parlour was pleasant but cluttered from outside noise. Not without staff trying their best and being very apologetic. While I understand there is nothing the staff can do in this situation other than what they did which was to request the people outside to be a bit more considerate it doesn't stop the sound of traffic ect. Again this is a premises issue and not to do with the staff. I've been to places in busier cities with better soundproofing. I would recommend this place to others going and to ignore the one star reviews. This is my honest opinion and I couldn't give 5 stars when there are obvious areas that could be improved. A 5 star review should mean there is nothing that could be improved. ขอบคุณ

    Johnathan Smith Avatar Johnathan Smith

    We try both oil massage and thai massage and were very satisfied! Thank you!

    Jolly Joseph Avatar Jolly Joseph
  • I went there as I was having a back pain after a long and exhausted plane journey. During 45min they made a magic! I'm so glad I found them and they could take me on the same day. Lucky me! After the fanstatic massage they offered me a cup of tea, which was a very nice touch. Wish to live in Budapest, so I could come there more often. Thank you!

    Michalina Staniszewska Avatar Michalina Staniszewska

    Amazing place. My boyfriend and I made an appointment over the phone and could get a message only 1,5 hour later. The staff is very friendly and took good care of us. We were only in for 30 minutes, but felt relaxed the whole day afterwards. They massages very well and even cracked our backs, which felt so relieving. We definitely recommend this place and are planning on coming back. Thank you Pat and Phatcha for the amazing experience😊

    chey Avatar chey
  • Best Thai massage place in Budapest! Will definitely come back. They have a couple’s room so my boyfriend and I were together. We had the natural oil massage and it was just what I needed! Plus they’re currently on a 20% discount. Only good things for the owner and masseuses! 🙏🏻

    CHELSEA MARIE Aguirre Avatar CHELSEA MARIE Aguirre

    I had my first Thai massage and loved it! Nadia was really sweet and professional and made me feeling like a new person. Highly recommend this place

    Dania Halperin Avatar Dania Halperin
  • I had wonderful back, neck and body massage with Phatcha and enjoyed a lot. Good spirit and nice team. Having a cup of tea..

    Yury Popov Avatar Yury Popov

    Nana relieved all my stress and thanks to her my legs are no longer swollen. Such a cozy place with pleasant atmosphere! Highly recommended

    shannon Yang Avatar shannon Yang
  • I had a wonderful experience ( A full body massage with oil). The Masseuse, Patty, was really professional and an expert at it. She was patient and helped me recover certain tension points in the body that I have been experiencing for sometime now. I left feeling very very relaxed. Going back Thank you.

    Suraj Bhattarai Avatar Suraj Bhattarai

    Such an amazing massage done by Pat and Nadia! We have been travelling for over a week and booking a massage with them has been the best decision we made x

    Zahrah Rafiq Avatar Zahrah Rafiq

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